September 2020

President’s Corner

C2EX Endorsement


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President’s Corner

Jessica Harris

Wow, September! Where did you come from? It’s hard to believe that we’ll soon be going into the 4th quarter of 2020 so soon. This year has brought about many adaptations to our industry with increased sanitation protocols, virtual showings and changes to the platform for education.

The Mississippi Association of Realtors announced this week that the annual convention will take on a virtual format. While the networking aspect will be missed, the awesome CE is still available. The courses will be presented virtually and available at a cost of $25 per class or 8 hours for $125. Be on the lookout for the official announcement from MAR. The Board will reimburse any virtual convention participant up to the full $125. The reimbursement will be given to the member post-training for corses completed, after submitting to verification of the completed courses to the Board office. Sorry, but we can reimburse for any courses you’re unable to complete for CE.

A big thanks to Charlotte for arranging the short 5 minute appraisal videos through Melissa Bond. Take a moment to view these. They discuss how an appraiser’s report differs based on the loan type with respect to certain aspects of the property.

We are continuing to access the timing of our board lunches. Stay tuned & be safe!

Jessica Harris, Broker
Tommy Morgan, Inc., Realtors  


What is the C2EX Endorsement?

The National Association of REALTORS®created the Commitment to Excellence program to encourage the professional development of REALTORS® by utilizing a multifaceted approach aimed at offering opportunities for continuing education and professional growth. A member’s Commitment to Excellence is a continual practice, and a lifelong commitment to superior professionalism and providing first-rate customer service.
C2EX is more than just an online learning platform, it is a performance support tool that can be used every day to enrich the REALTORS® capabilities and effectiveness, far beyond the endorsement process.
C2EX is intended to:
  •  Improve the quality and consistency of the service of REALTORS®
  • Improve the reputation of REALTORS® in the public eye
  • Encourage engagement “beyond the sale” by showcasing the value of assisting other REALTORS® and becoming involved in advocacy.
C2EX creates a platform that continuously engages the REALTOR® in the process of self-improvement without disruption to the REALTOR®‘s life.


The election is less than 2 months away! REALTORS® are a powerful political group, so make your heard! As conscientious, community advocates – you have the responsibility to make sure you are registered, vote, encourage voting and offer voting materials to your clients. Information and materials are easily accessible here.

NEMSBD Advertising Campaign

Our campaign promotes the advantages local Realtors® provide in for all real estate needs.