September 2020

President’s Corner

Election Day Issues

REALTOR® Campaign

President’s Corner

Jessica Harris

We are FINALLY meeting again! I’m excited to see everyone in November at the membership luncheon. We plan to have expanded meal choices, music and awesome door prizes to start rolling again. 

While we’ve not been able to meet as a whole, the board of directors met several times to make decisions about our association’s future. Many of our initial plans for the year did not come to fruition, but we’ve accomplished quite a bit since we last met in February:

  • Rallying local and state leadership with consider real estate an essential business
  • New monthly membership email newsletters
  • Ongoing REALTOR® marketing campaign
  • Code of Ethics course
  • Mini appraisal video series
  • Upcoming new member orientation
  • Commercial lease option in MLS

 Before encountering this role, I personally had no idea the time and effort that each leader puts in to make our board run seamlessly. Please take a moment to thank Charlotte and Board of Directors for what they do for us.

You guys are doing great this year! Market statistics show a 16.6% increase in sold volume for 2020, and a 15.4% increase in the median sale price.

If there is any way that I can help you, please reach out!

Jessica Harris, Broker
Tommy Morgan, Inc., Realtors  



Understanding the Controversial Issues on the Ballot 

There are 2 issues on the ballot Tuesday, November 3. First, is the retirement of the current state flag and replacement with the newly designed “In God We Trust” flag. Second, is the issue of Medical Marijuana. Please take time to familiarize yourself with these issues – and vote November 3.


It’s taken a long time to retire the old Mississippi state flag viewed by many as a symbol of racism and negativity. Historically, voting to change the state flag has been defeated. Please keep in mind your vote for the new state flag is needed. This is not a “done deal” as some have stated. If the new flag design fails, the process of choosing a state flag starts over again with the possibility of the old state “Stars and Bars” flag placed in the vote. 

Ballot Measure 3


The Mississippi REALTORS® do not have a position on Medical Marijuana, but we do oppose Initiative Measure No. 65.

• Initiative Measure No. 65 is a constitutional amendment that:

1. Would not allow Mississippi communities to determine where dispensaries would be allowed to operate; and

2. Does not provide revenue to benefit our schools, roads, bridges, etc.

• Alternative Measure No. 65A allows the Legislature to define the operating parameters of a Medical Marijuana program.

• The way the ballot is written, the best way to defeat Initiative Measure No. 65 is to vote the bottom box on both questions on the ballot.

Regardless of how you choose to vote on approval in the first question, MS REALTORS® advise it is imperative to vote “For Alternative Measure No. 65A” on the second question.

Vote your choice on the first one, but if medical marijuana passes, Alternative Measure No. 65A will provide revenue to schools and for state infrastructure needs..

NEMSBD Advertising Campaign

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