Spotlighting our newest Members and Affiliates – the heart of NEMSBD

Realtor® Spotlight

AIM High Realty

Heather Clark

Cerritos Johnson

Grady Stegall


Gwyn Boettcher


Christy Rayburn
Tina Martin


Devin Barr
Linda Hatch
Pamela Morris

ERA Town and Campus Realty

Jerome Nettles

eXp-Realty Burnsville

Jamie Clemmons
Misael Burciaga Ruedas

Rachel Ferguson

Hodges Appraisal

Barney Hodges

Tommy Morgan Realtors Oxford

Jennifer Spencer

Tommy Morgan Realtors Starkville

Adriane Isbell

JMR realty

Samantha Pairmore

Tommy Morgan Realtors Oxford

Deborah Hunnicutt
Kathy Little

Patty Turk realtors

Beth Waldo

Affiliate Spotlight

For services you can depend on, check out these professionals and their specialties. Complete Affiliate member contact information can be found by clicking here NEMSBD Affiliates.