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MREC Regulations

Listings on the MLS vs Listings excluded from the MLS
MLS rules require all real estate agents and brokers who are participants of our MLS to submit all exclusive right to sell and exclusive agency listings for residential, multi-family, commercial and lots/land properties within 72 hours after obtaining necessary signatures of the seller(s) for the listing. That’s why our office doesn’t approve listings with a begin date more than 72 hours old (that includes weekends).That’s why you must contact the seller to change the begin date if you want the non-compliant listing on the MLS.

* However, a seller may request the listing not be disseminated on the MLS. This might be for a temporary period of time (repairs, etc.) or permanently- that’s the seller right. If either applies the listing broker must submit to the MLS, within the same 72 hour period of time, an Advisory and Authorization to Exclude from the MLS signed by the seller(s) and broker. The completed document is kept on file in the board office. If anyone calls about the property not appearing on the MLS, they will be informed that the seller has requested exclusion from the MLS.

* The same applies if you are the REALTOR-owner of the property. If you do not want the property listed on the MLS, for any period of time, complete the MLS Exclusion form and submit it to our office.
National Association of REALTORS®
“Clear Cooperation” policy

NAR has now mandated a policy change for every MLS, called “Clear Cooperation”. This has nothing to do with the above MLS “72-hour rule” that requires a complete listing be submitted to the MLS within 72 hours of gaining contract signatures/info from the seller.

“Clear Cooperation” mandates the listing must be submitted to the MLS within one business day of any form of advertising. Signage and social media is advertising.

* “Within” is a key word in this requirement. You may see something on social media that is not on our MLS at that moment since the agent has one business day to submit the complete listing information to our office prior to any MLS rules being broken.
* If you have questions or complaints about a social media post or other advertising for a property that’s not listed on our MLS, take a screen shot the post or send a photo with a date/time stamp. We will follow-up concerning the date/time the listing was submitted to the MLS. If you can’t provide the evidence mentioned, we can’t investigate. If the advertised property does not adhere to the one business day ruling, the person is subject to an MLS warning, then fined if the activity persists.
MLS RULE – NO Branding of photos or video on the MLS
The MLS does not allow any branding on the MLS at this time. This includes company signage in photos, company names, logos, contact info imprinted in mapping or on video. The MLS does not restrict branding elsewhere, just on the MLS.
MREC RULES – Concerning social media and advertising

MREC oversees advertising irregularities in consideration to the prominence of the brokerage name, company contact info, font size and agent identification, etc. Make sure you’re in compliance with MREC rules by referring to MS Real Estate Commission home page www.mrec.ms.gov.

Also, check out the brochure below for advertising rules and social media posts. It is a handy reference. If you have a complaint about a social media post that does not conform to MREC requirements, contact MREC.

Coming Soon Listings and MREC Regulations
Our MLS does not list “Coming Soon” properties. Consequently, we have no rules regarding “Coming Soon” listings. However, MREC has requirements concerning “Coming Soon” properties. To promote a “Coming Soon” property on social media/advertising, you must have a signed listing agreement with the seller before any type of promotion. If not, you are breaking an MREC rule. The same is true if you are the REALTOR-owner of the property. You can promote a “Coming Soon” property if you have a signed contract and are following MREC advertising guidelines. For questions or complaints about “Coming Soon” announcements/advertising contact the agent or MREC.